Tuesday, May 11, 2010

San Francisco Bookstores

For all of the PSA folks coming to San Francisco, here are a few bookshops you might want to check out:
City Lights Bookstore and Publishers
A San Francisco Institution...  http://www.citylights.com/
Russian Hill Bookstore--lots of rare and used books. A good neighborhood to grab dinner too(a personal favorite)... http://www.russianhillbookstore.com/
Booksinc. an independent chain (is that an oxymoron?)
Another favorite space-- Mechanic Institute Library-- it's an old private library/chess club in the SF financial district that most locals don't even know about. If you ask to tour they will let you see it.

If you want to venture beyond the SF tourist route, hit the Mission for great tacos and books...http://www.dogearedbooks.com/dogeared/index.php

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  1. I live in San Francisco and I couldn't agree more with these suggestions. The comment about good restaurants being near the Russian Hill bookstore is oh, so true--on Polk street and on Hyde street--all around. Explore. I found a bakery on Polk Street that served apple pan dowdy (like in the song); it wasn't very good, but it was like finding a mastodon in San Fran. I'd also very strongly recommend the Green Apple Bookstore on Clement St. between 4th and 5th. I'm biased because I live in walking distance, but it's one of the reasons I moved to San Francisco. Clement Street is a small Chinatown and has remarkable restaurants from Turkish to Indonesian, Thai and Chinese--and even one of the best French restaurants in the city: Clementine. My email is hlsf3@yahoo.com. My website is www.jeffersoninparis.com