Monday, July 27, 2009

It All Helps-- Donate to the PSA!

Dear members of the PSA,

Just last week, I was told by the head of the Rare Book Department (who is sponsoring the opening reception) at the Free Library that the state of PA has mandated that they be open until 9 on Thursday nights instead of 6. This, of course, now presents us with the problem of finding another venue for the conference reception.

I will be taking a look at 4 venues tomorrow, one of which is the Academy of the Fine Arts, a beautiful old building ("Since its founding in 1805, PAFA has been committed to fostering and collecting American art. Scholars have deemed PAFA's one of the world's three best collections of American art for its depth, breadth, and quality.") This could prove to be an exquisite site for our opening reception, redolent with Poe's vibrations (if you allow me a cliched description...). Of course, the site would not be free, as was the venue at the Free Library.

This is why I am writing: if your institution, your friends or one or more of the organizations you belong to could find a way to donate to our conference, this would be the most crucial time to do so.

Please look at our sponsors page and envision your institution, organization, or yourself (!) in one of the categories.

If you find that you are able to donate, please contact me at or Paul Jones at

We are so grateful to those who have already donated, and we hope that this email may spark others to join this list.

with due appreciation, Barbara

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