Monday, May 24, 2010

Paperback Book Swap

Do you know about this site? You do now!

Paperback Book Swap is an online marketplace for your old books... clear out some much needed bookshelf real estate and fill with fresh tombs--for free!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

San Francisco Bookstores

For all of the PSA folks coming to San Francisco, here are a few bookshops you might want to check out:
City Lights Bookstore and Publishers
A San Francisco Institution...
Russian Hill Bookstore--lots of rare and used books. A good neighborhood to grab dinner too(a personal favorite)...
Booksinc. an independent chain (is that an oxymoron?)
Another favorite space-- Mechanic Institute Library-- it's an old private library/chess club in the SF financial district that most locals don't even know about. If you ask to tour they will let you see it.

If you want to venture beyond the SF tourist route, hit the Mission for great tacos and books...

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ALA Panels!

Session 18-H  Poe and Reputation Saturday 5/29 12:30-1:50 (Pacific G)   Organized by the Poe Studies Association   Chair: John Gruesser, Kean University  
1. "Death by Criticism, Life by Poison: How Poe Built his Reputation on Keats," Sara Crosby, Ohio State University at Marion
2. "The Jingle-Man: Poe, Emerson, Howells, and Reputation," Stephen Rachman, Michigan State University                                                                                                                                        
3. "Poe and the Charleston Renaissance," Scott Peeples, College of Charleston                         
4. "Premature Burials: Poe’s Cryptic Shifts in Reputation," Robert Tally, Texas State University   Session 19-M  Business Meeting: Poe Studies Association Saturday 5/29 2:00-3:20 (Pacific C)                                                                  

Session 21-A  Teaching Poe in the Digital Age Saturday 5/29 5:00-6:20 (Pacific F)   Organized by the Poe Studies Association   Chair: John Guesser, Kean University  
1.“D’oh!: Using The Simpsons to Enhance Student Engagement and Understanding of Poe’s Technological Satires,”  Shana Kraynak, Indiana University of Pennsylvania                                   
2. “Teaching Poe's Anti-Technocratic Perspective,” Nathaniel Williams, University of Kansas         
3. “So You Think You Know Poe: Using Technology to Reexperience Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Terror,” Jamil Mustafa, Lewis University                                                                                           
4.“The ‘Effect’ of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ Using Vincent Price and The Simpsons in a Hybrid Course,” Gabriela Serrano, Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX.